Meet The Team

Meet the central figures of Landscaping Northampton – our devoted team of family members who are deeply skilled in their trade and lifetime inhabitants of Northampton. Each individual’s unique abilities contribute a distinctive flair to our projects, ensuring that our work is intimately interwoven with the community we serve. Let’s introduce the passionate professionals who make our landscaping visions come to life.

James Ashford – Founder and Master Landscaper

James Ashford is the founder of Landscaping Northampton, born and bred amidst its verdant landscapes. With a rich experience that spans over thirty years, James has perfected his art in the rolling countryside and charming gardens of this historical region. His mastery extends beyond mere gardening; he creates lasting heritages, merging classical methods with innovative design. James’s profound respect for the land and his pursuit of perfection have cemented his status as a master landscaper in Northampton. His ambition for the company is more than business—it’s about establishing a family legacy that stands for trust, superior quality, and an enduring love for the land of Northampton.

Ethan Ashford – Lead Designer and Horticultural Innovator

Ethan Ashford, James’s son, was raised in the lush surroundings of Northampton, which sparked his creativity and passion for natural beauty. As the lead designer at Landscaping Northampton, Ethan introduces a modern edge to the family enterprise, blending new trends with timeless design elements. His academic background in Landscape Architecture from the University of Northampton equips him with the vision to craft harmonious outdoor spaces that echo the local scenery. Ethan’s innovative stance on horticulture and design is leading the company towards greener, more sustainable landscaping practices, ensuring that the green spaces they cultivate will thrive for future generations.

Alex Ashford – Operations Manager and Client Relations Expert

Alex Ashford, James’s brother, is the operational linchpin of Landscaping Northampton. His intimate knowledge of Northampton’s terrain, along with his sharp business savvy, is indispensable to the team. Alex is devoted to ensuring client satisfaction and prides himself on delivering projects that not only meet but exceed expectations. His personalized approach to client interactions is driven by a commitment to form lasting relationships within the community. Alex’s dedication to the family business is about more than upholding its esteemed reputation; it’s about strengthening the connections they have fostered with the people of Northampton.